About Us

NAIIMAN is a brand that offers completely natural and 100% pure products formulated for all hair and skin types. Upon relocating to the United States over a decade ago, my family and I encountered a challenge in finding the natural hair and skin oils that were integral to our customs back in our home country. We adhered to the Somali tradition of routine hair oiling, utilizing 100% natural oils for hair growth and routine skincare. Unfortunately, the available products on the market contained synthetic substances and extensive ingredient lists that did not align with our preference for natural elements. This prompted me, the founder of NAIIMAN, to embark on a quest to procure the authentic, pure natural oils we used back home.
In the course of my journey, I took it upon myself to research and develop formulations suitable for various hair and skin types. This endeavor led me to formulate our very own all-natural oils, which remain the only oils we use to this day. Having exclusively used our specially formulated natural oils for years, we finally decided to share it with the world, resulting in the foundation of our very own brand, NAIIMAN.
Our mission is to formulate entirely natural and 100% pure hair and skincare products that promote hair growth, provide nourishment and care for both hair and skin. Our purpose is to inspire others to refrain from using harsh chemicals or additives in their hair and skincare routines.